We help organizations get their messages across. With a firm grasp of best practices and state-of-the-art public relations tools, my team and I lend the helping hands companies need to rise to communication challenges.

Our Focus
Our focus is on creating customized strategies and supporting a fast and flexible implementation process.
We specialize in modern media positioning and strategic consulting for small and medium-sized companies. We’re at your side when it comes to communicating merger & acquisition projects, restructuring and transformation processes.
Where to find us
Based in Frankfurt, but able to work globally – on site, together with agencies or with a strong network of collaborators.
Laura Montag

After embarking on her career at the PR agency fischerAppelt, Laura Montag joined the Brunswick Group, a global firm focused on critical issues, where she was part of multinational teams advising clients on high-profile mergers & acquisitions and transformations.

Laura then joined the MANN+HUMMEL Group, a global company known for its filtration expertise. As spokesperson, she handled press relations, public affairs activities and the enterprise’s internal and external communications for M&As and restructurings.

Laura studied Political Science and Communications in Mannheim, Seoul and Maastricht.
A member of Global Women in PR (GWPR) Deutschland e.V., she has a resilient network to draw on.

“All industries face challenges of their own. It’s up to organizations to see and seize these challenges as emerging opportunities – and to communicate them as such”