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Serving companies in various industries, we have developed integrated, tailored communication strategies in the following areas:

Corporate Reputation

Communications have changed dramatically over the last decade with the convergence and proliferation of media and an evolving and merging mix of stakeholders. Today, every company is a publishing company. Anyone can be a journalist.

Many organizations still underestimate the benefits of good internal and external communications – as well as the persistent adverse impact when public relations are neglected. The right wording, channel and – perhaps most importantly – timing makes a tremendous difference to your stakeholders. And we’ll be happy to demonstrate the truth of that claim to you.

Now more than ever, communication and relevance are inextricably intertwined. Agendas are ageing ever faster as attention spans shrink and brands vie for snippets of coverage amid increasingly fragmented media. This is why relevance – that is, the ability to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time – is critical to your enterprise’s interests.

Developing strong media relations

Keeping the channels open and the corporate news flowing is water to the roots of public credibility. The silent treatment is a form of communication; the lack of a media footprint sends a message. Building trust with your stakeholders – think talents, shareholders, local politicians – starts with a credible media presence.

It takes compelling content to make a statement that resonates with your audience. Capitalize on your expertise. Make the most of your communication efforts. Call on our PR team to develop a sound communication strategy, core messages and objectives. Let us manage your press relations, reach out to journalists and build lasting bonds. Rest assured, a track record of positive coverage will make an enormous difference – especially in times of crises.

Positioning executives as thought leaders

Thought leadership is about having the answers to questions your stakeholders have yet to ask. If you want to persuade people that rising to your industry’s challenges matters as much as promoting products, then give them unique insights from a different perspective.

Studies show that public perceptions of the CEO can elevate or diminish a company’s reputation. Of course, internal and external communications can sometimes blur in PR matters. In this day and age, it is imperative to take this into account and develop a strategy that sets out a clear C-level position and plants a digital footprint.

Let us help you pinpoint your audience’s needs, hone your leadership profile and position corporate experts accordingly. Our creative powers are at your disposal. Clear executive communications are within your easy reach. Call on us to position your leaders in the press, write speeches, prepare interviews and orchestrate LinkedIn activities.


Leadership communication

Employee engagement drives performance. It is the key to successful transformation. As the COVID pandemic yet again goes to show, we need a new approach to internal communications. Jarring changes trigger the fight-or-flight reflex in people. The shock of the unexpected may make the workforce alert and cooperative for a time, but prolonged uncertainty is an energy-sapping crack in your corporate armor.

Many occasions require more than merely an intranet post. Let us help you explain the changes underway in your industry and company. Count on us to familiarize your teams with the concept of self-leadership.

Transactions & Transformation

Transactions are complex processes for organizations large and small. The regulatory requirements and shareholder impact may vary, but the need for professional communications is the same regardless of size.

Managing these complex events and creating communication strategies is our job. If you need a compass to help you navigate a transformation, we are here to point your way. We relish the towering challenges, for the toughest tasks often lead to the sweetest success. Working under pressure and taking on complex challenges at short notice comes natural to us. If you wish, we can also serve interim management when your team needs additional capacities.

Developing tailored multi-stakeholder strategies

Every business transaction has its story. By preparing on-target key messages, we tame complexity and create a compelling narrative. Transparent communication is always an advantage. Employees, suppliers, customers, and journalists appreciate a proactive, straightforward approach that builds trust and confidence.

We develop sound communication strategies that address all stages of a transaction with exacting precision. Task us to prepare the necessary documents and plan the announcement day to support post-merger integration process. We will coordinate with advisors and attorneys to maximize efficiency and support internal teams when an exceptional situation pushes the boundaries of your personnel capacity.

Supporting transformational phases

Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, realignment of business models through dual transformations – these are all change processes that involve employees and require long-term strategic communication. Changes take place every day, even if they go unnoticed. A small change at work can have an enormous impact on the workforce, yet still affect each employee differently.

Communication helps a transaction succeed. Not only that, it also sets the stage for transformational processes and post-merger integration. Experience has taught us that the earlier a business addresses the topic of communication in transformational processes, the more effective it will be.

Preparing corporate announcements

A change in management, restructuring, a new strategy – this sort of announcement creates a stressful situation for executives and project teams.

Let us orchestrate your activities centered on such challenging announcements. Our team can help yours pursue a strong, holistic approach to communication. If you need assistance developing a powerful storyline, consistent key messages for all stakeholders and a clear process, look no further.

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“To lead teams successfully you have to be able to lead yourself. This takes reflection as well as a fresh approach to leadership communication. Only those who know when to put on the brakes can stay on track and win the race over the long run.”